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Sustainability is an integral part of who we are as a brand. Our mission: to reduce our products’ footprint in line with the latest science so you never have to choose between results, experience, and impact on the planet.

Our Sustainability Targets


Elliot Isaacs


Sustainability has been an integral part of Medik8 since its inception. Our founder is a passionate diver and has always been especially close to nature. Read more about why Medik8 is so deeply committed to sustainability. READ MORE

Our Sustainability Pillars

Climate Action

Every business, no matter how small, must act to address the climate emergency. Our goal is to achieve Net Zero by 2040, which means we must reduce our emissions by up to 90% compared to 2021 levels. Those emissions we can't eliminate, we will balance out by removing an equal amount of carbon from the atmosphere. We're still figuring out how to reach this goal, but we've started by measuring our current emissions and focusing on the areas that produce the most carbon. We’re excited to share the changes we’re making across our business - and our progress.


Waste Reduction

We consider waste both in terms of packaging and operational activities (manufacturing and running our business). Our packaging goal is optimisation, to best protect the formula while maintaining a low environmental impact. This means incorporating more recycled content, making it reusable or recyclable, and responsibly sourcing materials (such as FSC certified cartons). In our operations, we use renewable energy and we constantly innovate to reduce, reuse and recycle both materials and water per each unit manufactured.


Ethical Business

To us, ethical business means treating all stakeholders with fairness and respect. This includes protecting nature and biodiversity by sourcing sustainable and traceable ingredients, partnering with responsible suppliers who prioritise fair treatment of workers and environmental sustainability, and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace for our teams. We believe in transparency, and strive to be open and honest with our customers while empowering them to lead more sustainable lives through the use of our products.


Social Investment

We believe that businesses have the power to create a positive impact on communities and the planet. That's why we make it a priority to give back wherever we can. We do this by making charitable donations, partnering with organisations that make a difference, and using our teams’ time and skills to contribute. Our goal is to create a positive impact in the communities we work in and also make a difference in protecting the planet - therefore supporting the other pillars of our sustainability strategy.


Sustainability Report

We’re excited to share our first Sustainability Report, where we outline our approach and progress in each of our four sustainability pillars. While the data in the report mainly covers FY22 (Oct 2021-Sep 2022), we also highlight some notable achievements since the launch of our sustainability strategy in October 2022. As we’re still in the early stages of our journey, this report aims to strike a balance between initial successes and areas where we endeavour to make even more progress moving forward - as transparency is one of our core values. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback: