All About Oxy-R

A bright complexion is the ultimate marker of a healthy complexion, but we know all too well how difficult it can be to achieve a radiant glow if you have problems with hyperpigmentation (dark spots, melasma, sun damage and alike). That’s why we devoted ourselves to finding a brand new skin brightening ingredient that could deliver unparalleled results while nourishing and caring for the skin. The results of our research uncovered oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R), a high-performance molecule that rapidly restores radiance without damaging or bleaching the skin.


In the past, hydroquinone was widely used to treat hyperpigmentation. But recently there has been some controversy surrounding its safety. Always ready to innovate with newer, safer ingredients, Medik8 developed revolutionary White Balance® Brightening Serum featuring the star of our pigmentation solution – Oxy-R.


Naturally occuring in white mulberries native to northern China, oxyresveratrol is exceptionally good at blocking tyrosinase, the enzyme that controls the production of melanin. Less pigment means that hyperpigmentation is much less likely to occur. In fact, oxyresveratrol was found to be 32 times better at inhibiting tyrosinase than kojic acid.1 Oxy-R is also an antioxidant, which means it provides superior skin protection against the ageing effects of free radicals, while reducing inflammation throughout the skin.


However, Oxy-R is notoriously difficult to formulate with. In White Balance® Brightening Serum we use high strength Oxy-R which is super unstable when mixed with water. So much so, that we had to utilise a whole new packaging system to accommodate it. Thankfully our Medik8 scientists were up for the challenge. Our solution was to keep Oxy-R in the lid; separate from the rest of the formula until the product is activated-for-use by the special click-activated packaging. Our clever bottles plunge the Oxy-R powder into the serum and when the bottle is shaken it activates. After activation the serum colour changes from clear to pale yellow – because this is the natural colour of Oxy-R.

The packaging is just the first step to our super-stable product. Once the pack has been clicked and the Oxy-R has been mixed into the formula, the oxy-R is able to stay potent for at least 6 weeks. Usually, at the concentrations we use, this would only be a matter of days, however thanks to our recently patented stabilisation technology, we can provide extended freshness and potency for every use. We could of course have reduced the level of Oxy-R so low that it did not destabilise, however, Medik8 do not compromise on results. We also provide 2 x 10mL individual bottles so you get the most value for your money with each click.

Oxy-R is the star of our pigmentation range. Its exceptional brightening power is featured in White Balance® Everyday Protect, White Balance® Overnight Repair, White Balance® Brightening Serum and Brightening Powder Cleanse™. All of these products makes use of Medik8’s patented stabilisation technology and provide beautiful luminosity for an even, healthy skin tone. Have you tried them yet?

1 Y. Kim et al., Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2002, 277(18), pp 16340-4 2 E. Isaacs, D. Isaacs, K. Murugesan, Stabilised Oxyresveratrol Compositions, 2017, 20170071834