Gifts for those new to Medik8

The ideal gifts for those new to the Medik8 journey, a curation of our entry level and all-rounder products.


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Press & Glow™
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Press & Glow™

Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic with Enzyme Activator

200ml / €35

Press & Glow™ Refill by Medik8. A Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic with Enzyme Activator.
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Press & Glow Refill™

Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic with Enzyme Activator

200ml / €29

Advanced Night Restore™ by Medik8.  A Rejuvenating Multi-Ceramide Night Cream.
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Advanced Night Restore™

Rejuvenating Multi-Ceramide Night Cream

50ml / €70

Surface Radiance Cleanse™ by Medik8. A Resurfacing AHA/BHA Mangosteen Cleansing Gel.
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Surface Radiance Cleanse™

Resurfacing AHA/BHA Mangosteen Cleansing Gel

150ml / €31

C-Tetra® by Medik8.  A antioxidant vitamin C for brightening skin.
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Lipid Vitamin C Radiance Serum

30ml / €54

Daily Radiance Vitamin C™ by Medik8. A Stable Retinal Night Serum Ultra-Strength Vitamin A
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Daily Radiance Vitamin C™

C-Tetra Cream SPF 30 Two-in-One Moisturiser

50ml / €80

Micellar Mousse™ by Medik8. A Purifying & Nourishing Effortless Rinse-Off Cleanser.
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Micellar Mousse™

Purifying & Nourishing Effortless Rinse-Off Cleanser

150ml / €32

Daily Refresh Balancing Toner™ by Medik8. A Hydrating Skin Conditioner with Floral Waters
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Daily Refresh Balancing Toner™

Hydrating Skin Conditioner with Floral Waters

150ml / €24

Hydr8 B5™ by Medik8. A Liquid Rehydration Serum
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Hydr8 B5™

Liquid Rehydration Serum

30ml / €59

Advanced Night Eye™ by Medik8.  A Rejuvenating Eye Cream.
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Advanced Night Eye™

Rejuvenating Eye Cream

15ml / €55

Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil™ by Medik8. An Anti-Pollution Transforming Cleanser
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Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil™

Anti-Pollution Transforming Cleanser

140ml / €38

Clarifying Foam by Medik8. A Oil-Free AHA/BHA Blemish Cleanser
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Clarifying Foam™

Refreshing AHA/BHA Blemish Cleanser

150ml / €31

C-Tetra® Cream by Medik8.  A Lipid Vitamin C Radiance Cream.
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C-Tetra® Cream

Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Cream

50ml / €64

Gentle Cleanse by Medik8. A Hydrating Rosemary Foam.
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Gentle Cleanse™

Hydrating Rosemary Foam

150ml / €31

r-Retinoate® Day & Night by Medik8. A Youth Activating Cream Day & Night.
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r-Retinoate® Day & Night

Youth Activating Cream Day & Night

50ml / €189

Night Ritual Vitamin™ A by Medik8. A Age-Defying Retinol Cream.
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Night Ritual Vitamin A™

Age-Defying Retinol Cream

50ml / €60

Blemish SOS™ by Medik8.  An effective rapid action treatment gel.
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Blemish SOS™

Rapid Action Target Gel

15ml / €29

C-Tetra® Eye by Medik8.  A lipid vitamin C Radiance Eye serum.
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C-Tetra® Eye

Lipid Vitamin C Radiance Serum

7ml / €28

Pore Refining Scrub™ by Medik8. A Dual-Action Jojoba Exfoliator.
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Pore Refining Scrub™

Dual-Action Natural Exfoliator

75ml / €43