Crystal Retinal 20

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Crystal Retinal 20

A true cult favourite, Crystal Retinal is the ‘Everyone Vitamin A’ within our product range. As the Experts in Vitamin A, we harnessed the next-generation powers of crystal-stabilised retinaldehyde within Crystal Retinal; the revolutionary formula delivers results to the skin 11x faster than retinol.[1] We are now extending the Crystal Retinal ladder for those comfortable on Crystal Retinal 10™ and looking for more intense results with Crystal Retinal 20™. A market-leading formula with a concentration of 0.2% retinaldehyde, the peachy-hued serum-cream is designed for our most advanced, results-driven Crystal Retinal customers. We can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Before we get into the details about Crystal Retinal 20, let's do a quick recap on why Crystal Retinal is so important to us at Medik8. Put simply, as a form of vitamin A, retinal is better than retinol. The differences between retinol and retinaldehyde (retinal, for short) are mainly driven by the difference in the rate of conversion to the active form of vitamin A: retinoic acid.

When retinol is applied to the skin, it must be converted to a molecule called retinoic acid before it becomes active and can get to work on the skin. There is a simple pathway for the molecule to pass through, with multiple conversion steps on the way to retinoic acid. Retinol is two steps away from retinoic acid, while retinaldehyde is only one step away, requiring just one conversion to get to the active form. Therefore, retinal can become retinoic acid and thus benefit the skin a lot quicker than retinol.

If retinal achieves results faster than retinol, why do so many brands shy away from using it in their skincare products? The problem lies with stability - retinal is notoriously difficult to stabilise. It is incredibly sensitive to things like light, oxidation and the environment it is surrounded by. However, as you know, we love a challenge at Medik8. After years of research and experimentation, we cracked the retinal-code in 2018.


Utilising the powers of our unique double stabilisation system, Crystal Retinal was born. We protected the powerful yet fragile molecule with a crystal encapsulation, to both blanket the retinal and time-release it onto our skin gradually throughout the night to minimise any potential for irritation. We then reinforced this with a patent-pending stabilisation formula complex, which is unique to Medik8, to ensure the retinal is stabilised throughout its whole life cycle - from raw material, all the way onto our skin. This means that your Crystal Retinal remains powerful from the first application, to the very last.

Once it is in the skin, it has the ability to visibly renew and resurface the complexion, perfect for addressing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The next-generation molecule is also the only form of vitamin A with antibacterial properties, which promotes a visibly clarified complexion. Combining retinal with hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant vitamin E, Crystal Retinal leaves skin strengthened, hydrated and ready for rejuvenation.

Crystal Retinal has come a long way since our early innovations in retinal stability, and is now available in 5 progressive strengths. We call it the Crystal Retinal Ladder. 0.01% in Crystal Retinal 1™, 0.03% in Crystal Retinal 3™, and you get the picture with Crystal Retinal 6™, 10 and 20. Our lowest strength gives the opportunity for very sensitive skin to get started on the retinaldehyde ladder, but most users will start on a Crystal Retinal 3 and work their way up the ladder, slowly increasing strength.

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Crystal Retinal 20 sits at the top of the Crystal Retinal ladder, featuring 0.2% retinal. Crystal Retinal 20 is exclusively for advanced customers who have reached Crystal Retinal 10 and want to move up on the Crystal Retinal Ladder. It has double the concentration of our previous highest strength, meaning it has double the power and therefore faster results.

You can shop Crystal Retinal here.

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