Companionship Fund

At the Zipper Loneliness fund, we will seek to help a few people each year become happier and included. Whether this is supporting a local helpline or paying for older people to enjoy a Christmas get-together lunch - Zipper will be there.

If it were not for stone-age humans, Zipper would never have existed. All dogs eminate from grey wolves. Bred over the millenia to become more and more in sync with humans. Eating our scraps and soaking up our fires. In return protecting us from rivals by barking when they approach. As they became more and more domesticated, we bred them into areas of speciality. The Great Dane and Chihuahua couldn't look more different but they are both just tame wolves.

Humans love dogs. And dogs love humans. Border guards use security and sniffing dogs. Farmers still rely on dogs for herding. But in the main, working dogs are a thing of the past and their new role is in providing companionship.

In a world where we are all connected over the internet for free, people are more alone than ever - especially older people, so the idea we could volunteer at a care home or make a donation for a Christmas meal may seem small, but can mean the world to someone else.