What Experts say about Medik8

From dermatologists to beauty editors. And therapists to Instagram influencers - Medik8 is the hot new indie brand which is delivering results.
Its taken us 10 years to become an overnight success - the first decade spent researching ingredients, perfecting the stability of our formulas and building our ISO-certified Think. Lab. Make. Tell. platform

But enough from us, here's what the experts say....

Alice Hart Davies - Sunday Times - “At night, try one of the new-style retinoids that offer all the benefits of retinol (faster skin-cell turnover and brighter, fresher, less wrinkly skin) without the usual disadvantages such as dryness and peeling like Medik8’s r-Retinoate®.”

Marta Wohrle - Truth in Ageing Founder - “Winner of Readers Pick Best of 2015 products. If you've yet to try Copper PCA Peptides (previously known as Firewall) for yourself, it's something I'm confident works. I'm thrilled to see my sentiment echoed by the Truth in Aging community.”

Dr. Uliana Gout - Cosmetic Physician & Lecturer - "Retinoids are considered as the gold-standard (of anti-ageing)... I am excited by the research Medik8 has done on retinyl retinoate.”

Faith Xue - Editorial Director, Byrdie.com - “I have actually found an acne product that does what so many thousands of other acne products promise: get rid of acne overnight.”

Laura Capon - Fashion and Beauty Writer - Cosmopolitan UK - “Hydr8 B5 is one of the best hyaluronic acid serums out there.”

Jacqueline Kilikita - Elle UK - A team of prebiotics and probiotics in Medik8's beauty editor-approved Balance Moisturiser ensures the skin's bacteria levels are in balance, which minimises the acne-causing types. Hello, flawless face."

Dr Patrick Bowler - Medical Director of Courthouse Clinics - “We hear revolution and breakthrough a lot – this is one time these words truly apply. I have been so impressed with the results of r-Retinoate."

Ingeborg Van Lotringen - Beauty Director - Cosmopolitan UK - “Real breakthrough stuff. Winner of Best Anti-Ageing Moisturiser in the UK Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2016."