The Perfect Routine Using Vitamin A

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The Perfect Routine Using Vitamin A

What other products should I use with retinol?

Daytime Routine


Here at Medik8, our skin ageing philosophy is simple: vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. These two ingredients work synergistically to promote optimal skin health. In the evening, vitamin A stimulates cellular regeneration and corrects signs of ageing. In the morning, vitamin C and sunscreen help to protect the newly-regenerated skin from environmental damage while boosting collagen and radiance. For this reason, we recommend combining retinol with a vitamin C serum such as C-Tetra®. This fast-absorbing antioxidant serum can be used in the day to fight off environmental damage and restore your skin’s healthy glow. This should be followed up by a broad spectrum SPF such as Advanced Day Total Protect to keep skin hydrated and safe from skin-damaging free radicals.


Boost your results with a concentrated serum

We also suggest adding in an additional targeted serum to boost overall skin health and tackle individual skin concerns. Our skin rehydration serum, Hydr8™ B5, is a great addition to your skincare routine regardless of skin type or concern. Featuring multi-weight hyaluronic acid and moisture-enhancing vitamin B5 it helps to hydrate the skin, quenching any dryness that may occur as you’re phasing in your chosen vitamin A. It can be used both and day and night, and should be applied before your vitamin A and vitamin C serums.

If you’re dealing with breakouts, we suggest Blemish SOS. And if redness-prone skin is a concern, we recommend Calmwise® Serum. All should be applied before your chosen vitamin A serum in the night and vitamin C serum in the day.


Don’t forget the eyes

Be sure to extend the anti-ageing benefits of retinol to your eyes. Try a retinol-based eye product like Advanced Night Eye™, a velvety eye cream, or Intelligent Retinol Eye TR™, a silky eye serum, to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye contours.


Night-time Routine

In the evening, it’s best to supplement your retinol serum with an anti-ageing moisturiser such as Advanced Night Restore™. This rich yet fast-absorbing night cream has been optimised for use with vitamin A products. Filled with premium hydrators, it nourishes skin while you sleep to counteract the dryness and irritation that is often associated with retinol use. The sumptuous night cream also contains resveratrol, a botanical antioxidant that firms, plumps and brightens the complexion, so you wake up looking fully refreshed.

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