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Welcome H.E.O. Mask, Medik8’s new intense moisture boosting overnight mask. Taking a fundamentally scientific approach to long-lasting moisturisation, the two-step formula is clinically proven to boost hydration and retain moisture in dry and dehydrated skins for 72 hours.* We wanted to take a trip down memory lane to chat about why we created H.E.O. and how it evolved over time to create our ultimate moisturisation strategy.


Skin dryness and dehydration is one of the most common skin concerns. As we age, our skin’s ability to naturally moisturise decreases, resulting in dry skin. Other factors like changes in weather, humidity, temperature and lifestyle can also have an effect on our skin’s moisture levels. Not only is dry and dehydrated skin uncomfortable, it's a visible problem, causing flakiness, fine lines and peeling makeup. Add to that a weakened skin barrier making you more sensitive, itchy and vulnerable to the environment - this is definitely something that’s important to address. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and many usual day and night creams just don’t have the power to maintain skin moisture for a drier or dehydrated skin type or skin exposed to a dry environment.

The Medik8 Research & Development team took a step back and asked some key questions we wanted to solve: How is it that moisturisers are so readily available, yet skin dryness remains one of the top concerns? What are the fundamental components of a moisturiser, and how can we take results to the next level?

After years of research and formulation trials, we discovered the answer: there are three essential elements of moisturisation that when optimised, can deliver the ultimate intense hydration boost into your regime. Humectants, emollients and occlusives, in an optimised ratio only found at Medik8.


Humectants (H) are ingredients which work to draw water into the skin, from the environment and lower layers of the skin. Think of humectants as moisture magnets, attracting hydrating water molecules from all around into the skin.


Emollients (E) help to nourish the skin’s natural barrier. These are skin-identical oil ingredients which have the ability to slip into the skin’s natural barrier with ease, filling any gaps that allow moisture to escape whilst deeply moisturising the skin.


Occlusives (O) are large molecules that are too big to penetrate into the skin like humectants and emollients. Instead they sit on the surface of the skin, forming a protective barrier which helps to block moisture from escaping via TEWL (transepidermal water loss).


Good moisturisers contain 2 out of these 3 essential elements, better moisturisers contain all 3, but the very best formulas contain all 3 - in an expertly-optimised ratio.


We have optimised H.E.O. Mask during development to strike the ultimate balance between incredible moisture and user experience. An in-vivo clinical study was conducted on H.E.O. Mask, to evaluate its performance on the skin. It was tested exclusively on 35 participants with dry and dehydrated skin over 4 weeks.

H.E.O. Mask was proven to:

- Deliver 72 hours of skin hydration

- Support 72 hours of moisture retention and skin barrier support

- Be non-comedogenic on the skin


H.E.O. Mask is totally designed to replenish hydration and moisture levels in dry and dehydrated skin types. It helps to improve the appearance of dryness, flakiness, dehydration lines, crepiness and tightness. When put to the test, 94% of dry and dehydrated skin types showed a clinical improvement to moisturisation levels in the skin.*

However, you don’t have to have extremely dry and dehydrated skin to use H.E.O. Mask, there are plenty of times where this moisture-boosting bi-weekly mask can come in handy:

- Pre-event glow up & post-event recovery

- Plumping visible signs of ageing and tiredness

- Sensitive skins needing soothing support

- When phasing in high strength actives into your routine (vitamin A, exfoliating acids)

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